Lissa Holland

New Zealand Artist

About Lissa

“Painting is a part of my being, in that all I view and sense is from an artist’s perspective. I then endeavour to translate, via an image, an emotional and visual communication from what I see and feel.” – Lissa Holland

At an early age I began doing pencil sketches. I was first influenced by Valerie Heinz, a noted artist and my art teacher at Christchurch Girls High school.

Water colours and oils are my preferred media at present. I love the translucency of watercolours, the way the colours run into each other creating surprisingly wonderful effects. This makes the process of painting exciting and absorbing. Oils create a bolder image. I love the texture that thick layers of paint produce.

My painting and nursing have often united in unexpected ways. Post-graduate studies lead to using the creative arts in health, a fascinating and intuitive field. These skills I used in my clinical work with remarkable results.

A love of the outdoors has made me appreciate nature. Gardening is a passion as I find the use of colour, design and composition similar to the methods used in painting. I enjoy being able to work from home in my studio on our farm.

I have lived and worked in different areas of New Zealand. Otago, Rotorua, Fiordland and Canterbury have greatly influenced my art and added to my appreciation of nature, increasing my desire to capture its beauty.


Original art is available for sale by visiting my online gallery. Studio visits can be arranged by phone on 03 315 8686, mobile 0211805997 or email